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Experience the Connection in 2021

Learning Together


The best kept secret among musicians is that they move for a living.

The quality of that moving is essential to success.


ABME’s flagship course – ‘What Every Musician Needs To Know About the Body’ – teaches you how to move your best so you can sound your best. The group learning experience has been designed in 6 modules to give you a thorough foundation on which to build your movement skills. These may be delivered in single or multi session formats. The modules may also be tailored to specific instrumentalists or vocalists and are available in a mix and match arrangement to best suit your needs and context.

  • Accelerate your learning through the opportunity to observe your fellow musicians and to share insights into the process of change.
  • Challenge yourself with a friendly ‘audience’ to grow your confidence in a different approach alongside your classmates.
  • Enjoy the benefits¬†of a range of explorations and games available in group teaching that make learning a fun and dynamic experience.

Finding expert movement solutions attuned to your playing will empower you in performance.

So jump in to 2021 with a Sydney group class, online class or by arrangement for your group or studio.


Learning Strategies for:

Feeling balanced at play

Mobility as you play

Dynamic ease

Meeting technical challenges

Moving to support interpretation

Breathing benefits

Freeing your arms

Legs matter

Connecting with your instrument

Ensemble connections

Grounded performance

Connecting with your audience