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You can learn one on one. This is often the most familiar and efficient format for musicians used to individual lessons. Tuition is also available via Skype.


You can enjoy learning in a group. The Association for Body Mapping Education  have formatted group learning into 6 modules. The licensed course ‘What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body’ can be taken in single or multiple day formats and a mix & match approach is available on request to meet the requirements of your group or studio.

School Programs

Sound Movement is a dynamic performance program found in the best music schools throughout the US & Europe. Now available through Body Mapping Australia.

Jane Shellshear

ABME Licensed Body Mapping Instructor
My story is grounded on a lifetime of making music and a passion for understanding movement. The distilling of these two elements of performance forms the essence of my teaching as an Andover Educator. After all these years as a musician, I’ve come to know that it is the quality of my awareness & movement in all those thousands of hours of practise, rehearsal and performance, that ultimately dictated the success of my musical communication. I want to share this hard-won knowledge with my fellow musicians.

My Expertise

Maps –  Movement – Music.

Making music for 48 years means I’ve built an extensive knowledge in performance practice across mainstream genres. My 37 years of  teaching have given me a depth of experience in instrumental tuition as well. My eyes were opened to the impact movement was having on everything we do as humans when I underwent my Alexander Technique practitioner training. And now with Body Mapping  I have the detailed knowledge and the strategies to support real change at the instrument and synthesise the worlds of movement expertise and music performance.

Join me to discover how you too can experience the freedom that comes from unifying your movement and  musical intentions for optimal performance.

Piano tuition

I have been teaching piano since I was 16. I’ve learnt a lot over the years from great teachers and never more about the art of teaching itself than since studying Body Mapping. As the single most effective method I’ve found to becoming a more liberated musician, I prioritise weaving this seamlessly into the fabric of each piano lesson. From the first lesson you can begin to develop the confidence, technique & artistry of a ‘natural’.

Studio consulting

A guide on site in your studio can be an invaluable development in your teaching skills.  Acting as a  ‘shadow’ for teachers as they give lessons can facilitate the process of informing your teaching with your new found perspective and deliver practical tips on ensuring your students musical process benefits.

An ‘artist in residence’ arrangement is also available for conservatories and tertiary music departments dedicated to the performance health and standards of its student cohort.

My Approach

When was the last time that you felt really good in your body when playing music? If it’s been a while, then the statistics are saying you are not alone and that you may even be experiencing pain or discomfort as a result of playing.

As an Andover Educator I teach the art of movement in music. You learn the practicalities of how your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, fascia and physics itself all work together to support you and allow you to play. The main purpose in studying your own anatomy is to bring that information to life in your music making. I have sophisticated training in movement but remain a musician first and foremost. This means I’m uniquely placed to ensure that quality movement information is fused with your own musical intention. This fusion of intentions is essential to your success in connecting deeply with the music while simultaneously caring for your movement health in performance.

"It's so great to be aware and allow my body to enable itself."

Marion – violinist.

"The flow of air and sound was free and fluid. It was awesome!"

Christina – singer.

"The arm mapping is transformative."

Karen – pianist.

Body Mapping is for you if :

 – you experience pain or fatigue when you play or sing.


 – you want to improve the quality of sound you produce from your instrument.


– you want to experience how liberating it can feel to find balance and ease throughout your stucture while playing or singing.


– you want to develop your stage presence by extending your awareness into the performance space in a palpable way.


– you want to include & use your audience for optimum performance  success.


– you want to feel more connected to the music you make, the people you are making music with, and your audience.


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