It’s elementary!

Every sound you make you make by moving.

To know how to move your best is to know how to play your best.

Give your performance students the edge with Body Mapping Australia’s Sound Movement program for schools.

Young people benefit most when learning is engaging, stimulating and encouraging. To feel safe to push their own boundaries, especially in performance, they need to know that their personal ecology is of the highest priority. Feeling safe makes for a willingness to challenge themselves with something different.

Being familiar with the concert stage myself and working with young performers over many years has meant gathering the skills and tools to be ready to offer this program. Innovative and stimulating learning modules include:

• The 3D Musician

• Finding my Lost 6th Sense

• The Body Map – it’s real!   

• Discovering the Core of Support

• Balance & the Tightrope Walker

• Crossing the Great Arm-Torso Divide

• The Inspired Musician.

Interactive games, activities, explorations and Q & A opportunities encourage young performers to play with the confidence, technique and artistry of a ‘natural’. This same learning acts as a proven strategy to ameliorate performance anxiety.

The method truly is revolutionary. The results are a game changer.



Learning Strategies for:

Feeling balanced at play

Mobility as you play

Dynamic ease

Meeting technical challenges

Moving to support interpretation

Breathing benefits

Freeing your arms

Legs matter

Connecting with your instrument

Ensemble connections

Grounded performance

Connecting with your audience