Experience the Connection 

One 2 One

When was the last time that you felt really good in your body when playing music? If it’s been a while, then the statistics are saying you are not alone and that you may even be experiencing pain or discomfort as a result of playing.

How did this situation come about? Throughout many years as a musician you have most likely been primarily taught to listen – to the pitch, dynamics, articulation, tone. It’s unlikely that anyone taught you that there are equivalent experiences to ‘listen for’ in your own physiology. Lightness, ease, vibrancy, expansiveness and much more is available in your physicality, but it’s as if we can become gradually deaf to these sensations over time. Fortunately, you can learn how to remedy this.

Imagine refining your inner ear for movement just as expertly as you have developed your aural sensitivity, your ear for music. Gaining mastery of healthy patterns of movement will address and prevent playing-related discomfort and simultaneously make for improved quality of sound and expression. There’s nothing like it for boosting technical efficiency and ease as well.

One 2 One is already a familiar and favoured mode of learning for getting maximum benefit and support for your specific goals and repertoire. So, book a session today to begin to feel confidence and support in your playing and performance.

Learning Strategies for:

Feeling balanced at play

Mobility as you play

Dynamic ease

Meeting technical challenges

Moving to support interpretation

Breathing benefits

Freeing your arms

Legs matter

Connecting with your instrument

Ensemble connections

Grounded performance

Connecting with your audience